Our Neighborhoods

We believe in creating neighborhoods with enduring value that inspire our customers. We design and build our communities to integrate the natural environment with the aesthetic, physical and emotional needs of our customers. True neighborhood sustainability is our passion, and our initiative for smart growth as part of our planning and design continues to evolve. In addition to our suburban communities, we aspire to make an impact on urban infill developments that are currently underutilized, and transform them into revitalized neighborhoods showcasing affordable, sustainable homes. Our commitment to create a unique sense of place can be seen throughout our neighborhoods, with the design of our interior streets, parks, and transportation corridors that are planned and landscaped to respect the views and natural landform, and preserve the distinctive features of the site. In addition to protecting the inherent characteristics of the land, we value water and energy conservation, and design the land plan to include water-wise landscaping strategies throughout our neighborhoods.

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