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Meet Rick Lambert – McStain’s Pawsitive Purchasing Agent

Posted by Cady Blaine on February 27, 2017  /  in What's New  /  Comments off

As one of McStain Neighborhood’s newest employees, Rick Lambert is the youngest, “millennial” addition to the team. Growing up in Colorado Springs and going to University of Denver for Real Estate Finance, Rick graduated and worked at many of McStain’s competitors. In September though, he felt it was time to leave and after interviewing with McStain Neighborhoods for the Purchasing Agent position. “Working for a private builder is much different than a working for a public builder. My values are aligned with McStain and I finally feel I am at home working in this family friendly work environment,” states Rick.

Rick and his girlfriend, Sarah, have their own little family with two furry babies. Meet Gus and Ernie. Quite a funny pair when looking at them side by side, but the best of friends and the perfect “children” for Rick and Sarah. While he was growing up, Rick always had dogs in the house, at one point, as many as 4 dogs! So, three years ago, when he purchased his own house, Rick was ready for his own four-legged canine.

Now most people would think taking on a 5-year-old, 160-pound Great Dane in your first home would be a lot but Rick knew from a young age that he always wanted a larger dog. He would visit his aunt and uncle and fall in love with their big lovable Mastiff. After meeting dogs in the Denver area for about 5 months, he finally met his giant soulmate at the Dumb Friends League. Gus instantly became a best friend, keeping Rick company on weekends with hikes and heading out to the dog park to socialize with the other dogs. But while Gus kept Rick and Sarah company when they were home, they decided he needed a companion during the day while they were at work.

Ernie is a 2-year old 12-pound Chihuahua mix from the Boulder Humane Society. When they went to meet him, he instantly attached to Rick’s girlfriend, Sarah, so they knew he was the right dog for them and couldn’t wait for Gus to meet him. In that first hour of them meeting, Ernie was not so sure of Gus and who’s to blame him? Being adopted and meeting your new brother who is 13 times the size of you would be intimidating to anyone. Ernie thought these people had brought him home to be Gus’ dinner! But Gus is a big friendly goof and was so excited to meet Ernie that they eventually warmed up to each other and are inseparable now.

Rick says he loves the family friendly environment of McStain Neighborhoods and Rick’s family, while nontraditional, is certainly a family in its own way. And that is part of why Rick and McStain Neighborhoods fit together so well. “Whether you have a traditional family with children or are starting your family with furry friends, McStain recognizes that each home deserves the same attention to detail to fit the needs and wants of your life and family”, concludes Rick.

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