Beyond Production Homebuilding

Builder/Developer Partnerships In addition to building quality homes within our communities, we also offer development contracting services.  Looking for an experienced builder-developer to partner with on your parcel of land, or have a redevelopment opportunity, or a real estate holding?  McStain provides a full complement of developer and investor services to bring your project to life.  Whether it’s working on complicated entitlement issues, navigating the financial and legal web, interfacing with municipal governments, preparation of construction documents, or quality and sustainable construction, McStain has the expertise.  Our well disciplined team knows how to be successful in today’s economic climate.  It’s not just about building the project; it’s really about understanding your goals and minimizing risk.  We take great pride in making sure our customers have the best home building experience possible.   There are opportunities in the marketplace today and McStain is here to partner with you. For more information, please contact McStain Neighborhoods at .  

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