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Our gift to you for referring us

Thank you for your interest in our referral program; your referral means the world to us and we want to show our appreciation.

As a way of saying “Thank You,” you will receive a gift of $500 for each referral you provide us for a customer that closes on a new McStain home. McStain Neighborhoods appreciates your referrals and want to reward you for your confidence in our company. Continue reading for more information and to register your referrals. If a current or former McStain homeowner refers a Purchaser, the Referring Homeowner will be paid at the time of the Purchaser’s closing on their new home. Only one fee will be paid per home. The following condition apply:

  • Determination of the source of sale will be based on the Purchaser’s completion of the registration card at the time of their first visit to the McStain Sales Office.
  • The Referring Homeowner and the new purchaser must have purchased a home directly from McStain, not through resale or a real estate broker.
  • The referring homeowner must complete an IRS W-9 form, which will be kept in McStain’s confidential records. Per IRS regulations, payments will only be reported to the IRS if they exceed $600 in one calendar year.
Refer Your Family & Friends
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