Top Rated Dog-Friendly Parks Near Erie, CO

Top Rated Dog-Friendly Parks Near Erie, CO

    Colorado frequently makes the top 10 the list of the most dog-friendly states. But, is your fur baby getting all the exercise he or she needs? Maybe not. According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 24% of dogs were obese or overweight in 2011. So, what can you do to keep your pup healthy and happy in 2019? Exercise! The average dog needs from 30 minutes to 2 hours of activity every day. Here’s a list of the best dog-friendly parks near Erie, Colorado to keep you and your BFF in tip-top condition.

    Photo by – TJ Seitenbach

    #1 – The Great Bark Dog Park

    Off-leash. Park closes at 10 PM.
    Located at 597 N. 119th St, Lafayette, CO 80026, The Great Bark Dog Park occupies a large 6.1 Acre lot including a 1/4 mile looping trail. Cool off under several covered benches scattered throughout the park, and rehydrate with water bowls located near each seat — 4.6/5 stars and over 200 reviews.

    Photo by – Rob Smith

    #2 – Erie Community Park

    On-leash only. Park closes at 10 PM.
    Located at 450 Powers St, Erie, CO 80516, the Erie Community Park has been called “The Gem of Erie.” It’s built mainly for humans, but dogs will love the beautiful and wide-open land with great front range views. Above all, If you have kids, they will enjoy the many playgrounds, skatepark and sports fields. Be sure to bring a leash and pick-up after your doggo — 4.7/5 stars out of 86 reviews.

    Photo by – Bonnie Cramer

    #3 – The Boneyard at Reliance Park

    Off-leash. Opens at sunrise and closes at 10 PM.
    Located at 900 County Rd 1 1/2, Erie, CO 80516, this reasonably sized dog park has one large open area and two smaller ones featuring obstacles, hoops, and ramps. Furthermore, there’s water available and tennis balls. Well kept and wide-open makes this park calm and relaxing. The park is highly ranked online with 4.5/5 stars and 60 reviews.

    Photo by – Scott Weeman

    #4 – Thomas Reservoir

    On-leash only. Park closes at 10 PM.
    Located at N 119th St, Erie, CO 80516, Thomas Reservoir is a regular place to visit for many Erie locals. In comparison to other parks, it’s a great place for running, walking, and fishing. Bring along your dog to share in the enjoyment and exercise — 4.5/5 stars with 41 reviews.

    Photo by – Tanya Owens

    #5 – Longs Peak Park

    On-leash only. Park closes at 10 PM.
    Located at 311 Wheat Berry Dr, Erie, CO 80516, this park is excellent for dogs and children. The well-maintained grass is a welcomed sight. There’s plenty of sidewalks and trails explore. Here, you will find the all the captivating views of the front range you can handle — 4.5/5 stars with 30 reviews.

    Photo by – Gretchen Skipworth

    #6 – Columbine Mine Park

    On-leash only. Park closes at 10 PM.
    Located at 1036 Skyline Dr, Erie, CO 80516, Columbine Mine Park has oodles of space for doggies to run and play. Don’t forget,  every other Tuesday during the Summer you can indulge yourself at Food Trucks Nights. Your furry friend will love you for any dropped scraps or crumbs. Walk it off on all the trails and pathways — 4.1/5 stars with 24 reviews.

    Photo by – Nils Thingvall

    #7 – Arapahoe Ridge Park

    On-leash only.
    Located at 1750 Powell St, Erie, CO 80516, Arapahoe Ridge Park is a 7.3-acre lot with a recently updated playground for the kids and lots of space for the dogs. The well-maintained grounds are ideal for running and rolling around, humans can roll around too, we won’t judge. Check out the swimming pool if you need to cool off — 4.6/5 stars with 29 reviews.

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