What is a High Performance Home?

What is a High Performance Home?

    What is a High Performance Home?

    You work hard to take care of your home, and a well-built home will take care of you, too. In fact, it will take care of much more. In addition to sheltering your family and providing a space to live life to its fullest, a good home should give back to the world around it rather than simply drain and consume natural resources.

    This is the concept behind a high performance home. Also referred to as green or sustainable, high performance homes are engineered to require as little energy use as possible, and also make use of materials and resources that are locally available.

    Why are they becoming so popular? In addition to saving people money on utility bills, high performance homes provide improved air quality and an overall more comfortable lifestyle.

    Energy efficiency is one of the biggest components of high performance homes. These homes are designed to use less energy (reduced consumption) and to increase thermal performance so that energy use is more comfortable for families. The primary ways this is achieved are through high levels of insulation, a right-sized HVAC system (most older systems are oversized), and great windows and doors (e.g., ones that lower solar heat gain).

    Developing high performance homes is a process that takes forward thought and planning long before a home is built. In order to be responsible stewards of the environment, these homes use local resources and building products, and conserve the local water supply.

    Ideally, the planning involved to build a high performance home will include extensive conversations between the architect, the builder, and any subcontractors. Without staying in close communication, the big picture can easily be lost. And high-performance homes only get that way through careful, holistic planning.

    Another feature of high performance homes has to do with their overall aesthetic. Neighborhoods are designed with respect to the surrounding landscape, geography, and topography. In other words, these homes fit into the environment rather than take it over.

    For more information about these concepts, check out the McStain Neighborhoods philosophy, called McStainability.


    McStain homes are designed to take sustainability and comfort to the next level. We respect nature by using local resources, planting native grasses, and conserving the natural landscape of our neighborhoods. Our homes are built to last; we focus on durability for future generations.