At McStain Neighborhoods, we care about your

Health and Happiness

This is more than just sustainability, this is



All of that energy you use in your home can harm the environment, deplete critical energy sources and cost you money! Don’t worry, be happy, because McStain homes save you more than 30% on utility bills!

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Your home should be your safe haven and your well-being means a lot to us. While we’re not doctors, we can sure build you a healthy home for your well-being!

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Whether you’re making your morning coffee, reading a nice book or snuggling up to watch a movie, we want you to be comfortable in your home. That’s why we take your well-being seriously and insist on using features that ensure your health and happiness.

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Your mind can be put at ease knowing that your builder, McStain Neighborhoods, acts as a steward to the environment. By incorporating these measures, the land stays healthy and so do you.

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Your home should last a lifetime; for you, your kids, your kids’ kids, and so on. A long-lasting, healthy home makes a happy homeowner.

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